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The Essex Region Conservation Authority is seeking Quotes from qualified fisheries consultants to assist in Detroit River habitat projects. Please complete the Request for Quotation and submit the completed document to Kevin Money at before Monday March 25th at 2 PM EST.


Request for Quote Document:


Canard River Marsh Dyke Repair Consulting RFQ


Supplemental Information:


• Project Description – Request for Review

• 2007 Detroit River AOC Canadian Habitat Priorities Report

• 2010 Detroit River AOC Remedial Action Plan Stage 2 Report

• 2015 Detroit River Rehabilitation Site Survey (Section 3)

• 2016 Detroit River Habitat Feasibility Study

• Engineered drawings for MMM Dyke Repair Project

• DFO Request for Review Form and Guidance

• DFO Request for Review Map

• – projects near water

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