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Seasonal Pass Renewal - Old Fob



Thanks for renewing your seasonal pass to get out and explore all that the region has to offer! Hit the beach, hike or bike nearly 100 kilometres of trail, see rare bird species during the spring and fall migration celebration, bring your family to dozens of fun events and explore the beautiful and rare natural areas in the Essex Region – as many times as you like!


For the renewal of your expired pass, the cost is $80. As the gate systems has been upgraded at Holiday Beach, there is a $5 fee to upgrade the old grey fob to the new swipe card ($15 less the $10 fob deposit.) This gate card will be used year after year as you renew your Seasonal Pass to enjoy the many conservation areas and activities that ERCA offers. The gate card package will be processed within 1-2 business days and mailed to you by Canada Post